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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.


Hello all!  So excited to meet you in a few days, especially since I’ve read your posts.  I, too, am interested in possibly being a CASA volunteer or otherwise helping out young people in our area.  And, when my girls used to ask what 2 magic powers I would choose if I could, I’d choose the power of healing and of languages.  Turns out I’m not magical, so I look forward to finding out about Christine’s work around the world!   I enjoyed the article on artisans rebuilding temples–thanks, Claire and Rishi.  Other things I like learning about range from the microbiome to watercolor painting to permaculture, to quilting.   I look forward to meeting you all in person!

I thought I’d posted a yak about hotels a few days ago, but haven’t seen it posted;  I will try again.  I will be arriving Sat. Jan. 13 at 10 pm and will need a hotel that night.  Is the hotel where we plan to meet on Sunday in the Thamel district?  Maybe I could stay there Sat. night so I wouldn’t have to pack up to move to the hotel where we will meet.  What is the name and contact info for that hotel so I can make a reservation?