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Last day

Hi all! Today was our last day with the wonderful girls from Harpeth Hall.
We began our morning by walking to a nearby Gurdwara to have our final ceremony. First, we all sat together to listen to the early morning Kirtan. We then sat together in the courtyard as Hemant explained the significance of the name “Gurdwara”, literally meaning “door to the Guru (teacher)”. We then had the girls quietly think about the many teachers they had during their time in India. It was a beautiful way to begin the end of a beautiful course.
We then met Annie, Reena, Aman and Asif to go on a Salaam Balak tour. The Salaam Balak Trust trains young adults who once lived on the streets to give tours of the Paharganj neighbourhood. The girls had an amazing time walking through some narrow alleyways and busy streets. We followed this up with delicious South Indian food at Sarvana Bhavan. We filled our tummies with dosas and idlis, thalis and filter coffee.
For our final check-ins and transference activities we went to Humayun’s Tomb and used the vast green lawns as a backdrop to prepare the girls for their journeys home.
We ate a HUGE dinner, that in true Harpeth style began with cups of chai. (Parents, your children have a new addiction. Apologies in advance!:))
As we made our way back to the hotel, we all felt the sense that something special was about to end. Our last hugs were filled with laughs, sweet messages and tears.
We are so grateful to have met and spent time with such an inspiring and intelligent group of girls. Thank you so much for all the laughter, questions and memories you have given us over the last two weeks!