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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.


Hi guys, I am usually a really outgoing, adventurous, and fun-loving person, but NOT in the mornings. The one thing I am definitely the most excited for is fixing my sleep schedule. I want to be able to wake in the morning with a smile instead of a scowl. “Good morning” is my favorite greeting in the whole wide world, breakfast is my favorite meal, and coffee is my holy grail, but I think why I am attracted to all of these things because I am never awake before noon so I never get the chance to enjoy them in their natural habitat. This is by no means a joke, I am completely serious about shifting my typical night owl tendencies to become an early bird. Who doesn’t enjoy sunrises at Machu Picchu amirite?

Alright, so another thing is that I am OBSESSED with the Spanish language! I cannot wait to come back and be able to fully understand my friends at work! I know this sounds kind of crazy, but I want to learn nine languages and Spanish is next on the list! In other words, I am really looking forward to the homestays and the chance to converse with native people in the cities we will be exploring.

Misc. I guess?

Cards are so much fun, I really want to teach you guys how to play Mow Mow!!! (This is not to be mistaken as Mau the game with no rules).

I Love cats

Cards Against Humanity is a great idea! @Jack I will bring my expansion pack!!!