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Chokhi Dhani Day!

Hello all! Today we decided to slow things down a little, though that’s always a bit challenging with a 26 person group!

The group went to Anokhi, a popular Indian clothing store in Jaipur. The girls had a wonderful morning taking things down a notch.
In the evening we went to Choki Dhani, a model village on the outskirts of Jaipur. It is essentially an Indian Mela, or fair. All sorts of games, dances and rides were on offer. And the girls got a chance to ride camels, so all was not lost due to the snow storm! 🙂

Later in the evening we had a traditional Rajasthani meal, where we all sat on the floor of the restaurant and ate a LOT of food.
And now, since we have all been sufficiently fed, we are all planning on having a very good night’s sleep!