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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Yak Attack: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Yak

Collection/compilation of inspired journal entries I wrote during the course: Pt 1


Bhaktapur (mid course), spoken piece:

It’s in the air this morning

I didn’t know it was there when I woke up and I sure as hell wasn’t prepared for it

but when I stepped outside I could feel it

Shaking my mind awake, pulling it from slumber and roundhouse kicking (perform roundhouse) it to attention

“WOOHOO!” Goes my heart in cartwheels!!!

be free! and young! and impulsive! and glad!

IT’S HAPPENING! It’s freakin…

 (turns and looks around) “Hey are you guys seein this? Tell me you’re getting this! Somethin’s happening bro!!”

I think I’m aware I’m alive at a spiritual level

I can feel the vibrations of life sustaining elements coursing into my burning lungs

impressing themselves into the ink of the moment which, in turn, impresses itself onto the fabric of memory

Golden bliss: the sweet, sweet, cold, but heartwarming moment

I want to capture it all

the daze of the dream has left my sleeping mind and expressed itself into the air

but this time I am aware I’m dreaming

There’s something in the air man Im telling you!

Either that or there was something in that cup of coffee I drank (holds up cup)

I want to shout, yell, and scream! away in the valley and hear the echoes of my youthful voice to remind me to never fall asleep again

I want the echoes to pass by each home carrying solely emotion through the thin air,

generating connection like two hands rubbing together to ignite with friction: wonder,

weaving the hearts and minds of others to experience the moment


Bhaktapur (mid course): They speak for themselves

Spotted white clouds create a soft rainbow trout to cover

and hover

and inspire the ground to look up and notice

I think I noticed, I hope I did,

but I’m happy with what I see for the moment

Snow capped egdam large hills speak for themselves

no hyperbolic comparison or simile to be made

they really do embody their mythical status

They speak for themselves

Hazy, glazed woods look more appealing than a krispy kreme donut right now

and that’s coming from a guy who knows he’ll be eating daal bhat for breakfast

Can tree leaves really look so freaking unreal or is that my sleep clogged eyes screwin up their focus?

“Let’s go running” invites the sun passively

“that would be swell”


Chokauti homestay: To be lost in the moment

I want, with all my heart, before my thoughts change their minds,

to be lost in the moment

I want the trees to glow and giggle

the air to burn and invigorate

to give life to my fire and satiate every desire

I want to shhhharpen my senses on the horizon of an early day

and notice how bright

the sunlight

can excite

my eyes

I want to see the golden ray in everything

And remember the joy, the moment, not later but now and cling

I need to replace the lens of perspective

to appreciate each millisecond I live

Because everything can be perfect once I change my attitude

And I’ll once again feel nostalgic for the smiles of my relatives

looking forward to more endless moments and more gratitude

I wish to stay in the present


Chokauti homestay goodbye speech: thank you

Dherai dherai danyabaad

tapaalai dherai danyabaad malaai aaphano gharmaa rackanu bhaeko chha

tapaailé malaai tapaaiko pariwar sanga liaunu baeko

dherai dherai danyabaad

tapaaiharu mero Nepali pariwarma chaa

Ma tapaaiharulaai sadhai samjanchhu


Dhulikel (day 2 poetry sesh): I am from…

The words “I am 18 years old” are synonymous with:

fear, respect, and an unspoken but very much present love and affection

Synonymous with strong emotions; a rush of sometimes impulsive actions outshining a relentless trickle of progress

I am from no place dear to my heart,

the people in my life have already filled that

I am from a family dynamic that is dynamic

but revolves around a well maintained structure

Hidden below the imposing pillars of that structure; below, between, and past the steel frame are nights spent reading Harry Potter,

horizons that shine on the waves that beat my back out in Stinson beach,

stressful, painful, and all important moments that inspire future me to feel embarrassment and guilt

A lack of interest and confidence in writing,

an attitude that enjoys a good joke,

a mind that hopes to find enlightenment in Nepal,

or at least a memorable sight.