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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

To Whom This May Concern,

To whom this may concern,

This letter is of utmost sincerity and should be read literally with all the appreciation that is inscribed in our words. We are concerned students who feel it is only right to prepare instructors for their future as they have prepared us for ours. But before we go any further, we want to address the elephant in the room;  The individuals of which we speak or no less than extraordinary and should be treated and considered as such. In the fall of 2017, a group of eager yet inexperienced students were met in the dark parking lot of the Kathmandu airport with three soon to be mentors and friends who, unbeknownst to them, we’re going to change their lives. In the three months that followed, our three teachers led us by example and supported us through the journey that is self development, and finally, as the  last day of this program approaches, we feel it is necessary to provide accurate resumés for all of their future endeavors.


To Nick, Rishi, and Lauren, this is our final and formal review of your work on our program.


Strengths: ducking through doorways, able to consume and store food in impressive quantities, mental encyclopedia of Nepal, vests, Nepali head bob, drivers liscense photo, the Nick rock, dazzling blue eyes, human snowball, ability to recognize airlines after only seeing the bottom of the plane, extreme daal bhat enthusiast, can deliver the most exciting news in a monotone voice, facial reactions, lllá, fashion on fleek (inVESTed in his style), yaaasss, never allows skin to see the sun #unbrellaswag, won’t steal your pens, never seems to run out of tea, makes you question everything you know, sunglasses style

Weaknesses: is he joking?, only has taste for daal bhat, only dropped below a 4 for one day, awkward silence, sometimes mistaken for a pillar, rarely appears in America, inability to blend in to a Nepali crowd, volunteering

Ambitions: Nepali citizenship, daal bhat food critic, live in a cave, collect more shawls, convince people he is Nepali, never inhale smog, write book about multiple uses of bamboo, become Suzuki Roshe, own tea shop

Memorable Moments: yaaasss, facial expression when he saw Ben and Brent go into the squatty potty together, every single check in, clinging onto the cliff face, when Sydney hugs him, Nicks grandma stories, when people thought the puja was optional, seeing more of Pablo than he wanted, “it’s only not optional if you don’t want to go”

Nick is a highly qualified individual whose immense compassion for and dedication to the country of Nepal and it’s inhabitants fosters in his students a profound love for a new home miles from their own. His depth of knowledge and critical thinking mixed with his sardonic humor will make him a fabulous addition to any workplace. We know that wherever he goes, he will inspire in those around him the same mindfulness and readiness to question everything that he has inspired and his students. They love him very much and are so immensely grateful to have had him as their mentor, spiritual guide and friend.



Strengths:  powerful poet, hilarious joke teller, compassionate, musically talented, enthusiastic router, ping-pong maestro, professional talker, romancer of food, pop culture wiz

Weaknesses:  pen stealer, coffee addict, humblest person he knows, too good at futsal so he has no competition, professional trash talker, not keeping up with the Kardashian’s

Ambitions:  professional ping-pong poet, comedian, pilferer of pens, become dark strong and awakening

Memorable Moments:  heeeeyyyyyy,  what do you call a deer with no eyes, so there were these two cats…, Slamming us with poetry, college student

Rishi is one of the most genuine, kind, trustworthy, approachable, and benevolent people we know. He spreads his life loving light  to everyone around him. He is a critical thinker and cares deeply about equality and human rights. If you’re lucky enough to talk to him, he will listen intently and make you feel like you matter and have something important to offer the world.



Strengths:  bubbly, mad velociraptor impression, professional rockclimber, boss ass strong independent woman, role model and real model, teacher, guru, mentor, greatest sharer out there, never knowing pop culture

Weaknesses:  can’t keep secrets when it comes to fun surprises, loses all control of her body when she sees baby goats. Or puppies. Or any small animal.

Ambitions:  get puppy, by house that isn’t haunted, stay in the US for more than two months, fight for women’s rights

Memorable Moments:  waffle iron confusion, Instatweeting her facegram, surprising us with her incredible voice at me course, belting Bohemian Rhapsody on the trek

Lauren, thank you for always being an  amazing role model and friend throughout this journey. We wouldn’t have made it through without your countless pieces of advice and goofy faces. Thank you for your support and your honesty. We all love you so much!