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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

A Hard Goodbye

Writing this makes me sad because in only a few days I’ll be leaving Nepal and separating from a group of people I now consider family. Everyone in our group has helped me grow and change my perspective on certain aspects of life.

I’m excited to soon be reunited with the stunning Rocky Mountains but leaving the Himalayas is extremely difficult. I feel so incredibly lucky to have had this experience. I hope to hold every component of this trip with me moving forward. Looking back to the beginning of this trip I can really see how much each of us has grown. I wanted to thank the instructors too for being such genuine people. I will miss the three of you so much. Also thank you to the incredible group of people I have shared the past three months with. I love you guys.

I will remember each and every face that touched me from the Rinpoche to my eight year old home-stay sister in Chokati. I’m hesitant to leave but at least I can take pieces of Nepal back with me. These pieces of knowledge might be the most valuable things I have.