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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Yak Post #3

As we are quickly reaching the end of our Patan homestay and are getting ready to transition into our X-Phase, I am begining to reflect on the entire time that we have spent in Nepal.  We are coming full circle in our 3 month adventure by ending our trip with a 3 day trek.  Today is thanksgiving, and words cannout express how thankful I am for this oppurtunity.  I am most thankful for my family for making this trip possible, and am excited to tell them all about the crazy things I’ve seen in Nepal.  The people in this country have been more than accepting and welcoming to us, and I will forever be greatful for that.  Now that I only have 2 weeks left, it is getting more and more difficult to stay in the present moment.  Tonight I plan on practicing some meditation so I can stay grounded.  I am more then thrilled to be going to Pokhara, and am stoked to share some more memories with everyone in high elevation.  Signing out.