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X-phase preview

As this week’s leader it’s my honor to present you with the tentative plan for our x-phase which is the section of the trip that is planned and executed entirely by the students:
– We take a 22 hour train from Varanasi to Jodhpur, unfortunately this train has an average delay of 5 hours so expect lots of good train stories
– Once in the Blue city we will take rickshaws to our residence for the trip, the cosy guest house, and grab a quick dinner at a nearby hotel
– We’ll have a leisurely morning with a late breakfast at the guest house and some wandering up into the clock tower square to get much anticipated omelets for lunch
– After a short nap we will meet our local guide, Sabiha, for a walking tour of the city which will end with dinner and finish out our first day in the city
– On the second day we have managed to work the budget to allow for us to go on the zip line that goes over the city and the famous fort
– After our high flying adventure we will tour the fort, have lunch and have some journaling time in at the nearby bathing pools of the queen
– We’ll have some time for exploring the old city in small groups before meeting up again for dinner
– On our final day of x-phase we will have time to pack up and do some last minute shopping before checking out if cosy guest house and meeting up at the step well for Instagram worthy group photos
– We will partake in a celebratory “big lunch” and then head off to our surprise destination transference site

We are all so excited to embark on the next section of our Indian odessey and finally put the skills we’ve been learning all fall to work!

Shrek and donkey off on another whirl wind adventure, Rachel Nahirny