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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Trouble Sleeping

Patan is an awesome City. The food is good, the courtyards pretty.

Every day is a new adventure, everywhere such a pretty picture.

But every night when I go to bed, the moment when I rest my head has become a time I’ve come to dread.

It starts with bells from the temple outside, I plug my ears but I still cant hide.

Sometimes drums are added to the sound. I toss and turn and move around.

Religious processions late at night – they’re fun to watch so I feel alright, but then comes the time when the dogs start to fight.

barking, yipping, the occasional squeal, roaming the streets looking for a meal.

So many dogs out in Patan so late, but somehow my window is where they all seem to congregate.

All of the sounds make it real hard to sleep, I’ve tried singing songs, I’ve tried counting sheep.

Early in the morning the sounds die down. For a few short hours Patan is a quiet town.

As I yawn and stretch and rub my eyes, the sun comes up to clear blue skies.

Out my window I see mountains far away. This Himalayan view makes one want to say “screw the dogs this is going to be a great day”