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To the Chin Hills

Dear Family and Friends of Myanmar participants,

I wanted to give you a quick update from the team. The group has departed Mandalay on their way west to trek in Chin Province. The trip to the province consists of an arduous 18 hour bus ride into one of the more remote and distinct areas of Myanmar. Once the team reaches the foothills, they’ll make their way into the highlands in the company of trekking guides and Ko Harri. The Chin Hills are famed for their diversity and cultural preservation. Although some of their spiritual practices have changed over time, students will be able to learn about the adopted Christian traditions brought in from 18th and 19th century missionaries and the syncretic systems that have emerged over time.

The students will also have the benefit of Siang’s experience. A woman of two worlds, Siang was born in the Chin Hills but moved to Yangon as a young girl. She has been back very infrequently since. The next ten days will give students a chance to learn about their instructor, who herself will be re-exploring her homeland, as well as the depth and breadth of Myanmar’s social and ethnic realities.

Stay tuned for more updates.