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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Reminders to Myself

Dear Self,

1. When you wake up in the morning take a deep breath. Wherever you are, take a moment, the day is young and full of potential.

2. Feel your feet on the ground. Walk. Walk far, walk slow. Stretch your legs and clear your head.

3. Think about what you are grateful for for in your life and allow that gratitude to flood your body.

4. I know you don’t need any reminders about this one but be silly, let loose, run through the forest in the pouring rain and let out a “whoop de doo!”

5. Let go of that tightness that sometimes finds its way into your chest. You are strong and can make a difference in small ways but in the same way, you are a small, inconsequential piece of this great big small world and should feel free of burden.

6. Ask questions! Don’t take things at face value. Don’t forget you learn best from your experiences.

7. When you act or speak consider your intention. Pause before you speak and always use kind words.

8. Walk the extra ten minutes up to the temple to watch the sunset. Relish the burn in your legs as you push up the last few steps. Then lie on your back and watch the sunset upside down and giggle at the overwhelming beauty.

9. Accept the inherently cheesy nature of your yak posts. Sometimes that cheese encapsulates beautiful little nuggets of your life.

10. If you reread this when you return to the “real world” in a few months and think this is hippy nonsense, remember how open and happy you felt in the moment.