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Rice paddy terraces

Home-stay Potluck

To mark our last week in Kunming, we organized a “thank you” potluck for all homestay families, ISP teachers, language teachers, and students. Each family brought a delicious dish, and students studying Chinese cooking as their independent study project also prepared food for everyone to try. After dinner, students met each other’s homestay parents and organized games for their homestay brothers and sisters. There were a few heated games of chess and go, followed by a hilarious game of Pictionary that all the homestay kids participated in. Between games, everyone shared funny stories and memorable moments that they have enjoyed with their Kunming homestay families. We are sad to be leaving the city in less than a week, but greatly looking forward to continuing our trip in the Xishuangbanna region of southern Yunnan and continuing onto our “expedition phase.”  Here are some photos from this evening that will not soon be forgotten!