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Crossing into Thailand

Hi, Dragons family-at-home.  We wanted to give an update on our plans for departing Myanmar and moving across the border to Thailand.

Our special visas for this long visit are nearing their end.  Our last day in Myanmar will be November 28, on which date we will cross the land border at Htee Khee and travel onward to Kanchanaburi, Thailand.  There, students will lead the final day of their Expedition (X-phase), and we will spend several days entering our process of Transference.  From Kanchanaburi, we may visit Ayutthaya before continuing on to Bangkok.

All too soon, we will be taking an early morning trip to the Bangkok airport to say goodbye to this wonderful group of students.   Thank you all for sharing them with us these past months.  They are a strong, fun-loving, capable group, and we are excited to see the Expedition they have in store for all of us this week.

– Nikki, Siang, Parker