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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Best So Far… Patan Pt I (Weeks 3-4)

  1. In every courtyard, no matter how small or modest, there lies a stone chaitya (5-10 foot stone, pyramidal buddhist monument), each of the Buddhas pointing in four of the five directions (N, E, S, W, up) blessed with vibrant tika.
  2. After a playful game of football (soccer), at which I failed miserably, they responded like this when I exclaimed “Photo time!”
  3. Walking home through Old Town every night, I’m awash with a complex cacophony of honking bikes, barking dogs and yelling shopkeepers, an amazing array of the old mixing with the new in a chaotic, beautiful, song.
  4. I love the layers of Patan. Here textured stone, bright clothing and more buildings layer until they starkly end with the cerulean sky.
  5. With the only shared language between us being a love of bubbles, I took a photo of this adorable girl in Old Town as she smirked directly at the camera.
  6. I got a little lost on my morning walk one day before Tihar (a huge five day Hindu festival in Nepal) and was graced with this smiling old woman blessing her house with tika, incense and holy water to pay reverence to the gods.