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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

The Cuzco Kids

Hola friends and family!
As a result of Olivia and Jack getting sick along with mild brain swelling from Tom, the three of us have been with Doug, separated from the group. After breaking Tom out of the Cusco hospital early Monday morning, we went to a café for a celebratory brunch (some food that would be light on our uneasy stomachs). We then spent the next day and a half recovering, exploring, and enjoying all Cusco has to offer. Once feeling better, we spent our final evening playing foosball in a nearby hostel and salsa dancing at Mama Africa, a dance club in the main square.
With a week until we meet back up with the rest of the group, we decided to use this time as a mini X phase. We planned a spontaneous trip to Wayqecha, a biological research station deep in the Amazonian cloud forest. After arriving yesterday, we have planned various day hikes as well as lessons about the research and various projects being conducted here. So far we have gone on two hikes, done some jungle navigating off the beaten path, and have seen enormous beetles and moths at the dinner table.
Today, after hiking down 2,275 feet to a river cutting through the mountains, we showered in a waterfall and explored the nearby swamp. Tomorrow, for Olivia’s birthday, we plan to hike through the jungle to a canopy walkway where we will enjoy the scenery, celebrate, and talk about our feelings. Especially Jack.
We are all excited about this awesome experience and, despite being a little sore from today’s hike, are happy to finally be feeling better. Although we are sad to be missing out on Q’eros with the rest of the group, we are excited to make the most out of this unique experience.

Olivia, Jack, and Tom