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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Silence with the Stars

I sit in silence with the stars,
With roaring planes and honking cars,
With barks heard during dog politics:
The yelp of a lost pup another dog bit.
Silence with the awfully chatty voice inside my mind,
Whose words I know but identity I have yet to find.

Maybe the only true silence for me to hear
Will come with the closing of my coffin–
That bed I have always feared.

So for now I will look up again
And sit in silence with the stars,
Hear smiles in distant voices and laughter from afar.
Silence with the wind, rustling leaves,
Silence with chirping birds perched on swaying trees.
Silence with thoughts of great memories to come
Silence with a stranger’s tapping foot and happy hum.

I’ve learned to thank earth for such loud silence she gives
And try in each and every moment simply to live.