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Today is the 4th of october but because of the lack of internet this will probably be posted later. We are in SECMOL. For anyone who doesn’t know what secmol is, secmol is a school in Ladakh that has 3 different courses. One with kids our age and two others with kids a little older. Being here and learning about how this campus works has been incredible. The campus is basically run by the students who all have multiple responsibilities. We have been warmly welcomed into their community and have been participating in most of the activities they do, conversation class, work hour, responsability time, and of course, tea break.
This morning some of us hiked the secmol peak with the students. They are way faster than us and are completly used to being 10,000 ft above sea, unlike us getting the feeling that the oxygen around us is not enough. The view and satisfaction of getting to the top is completely worth it.
Anyway, best wishes from the scribe of the week.