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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Ode To Squatty Potty

An incredible place,

A throne for a king,

I open the door and hear birds sing,

So dirty yet so clean,

What a paradoxical thing.

I see a snake on the ground,

Oh wait.. no! That’s a hose

I almost fell over because I’m plugging my nose,

when i’m building a house I don’t want one of those.

I need a ceramic bowl,

The smell is powerful.

I guess it could be worse,

Earth, air, wind and fire,

I look down, oh shit it’s a spider!

It gave me a fright,

Guess I’m not sleeping tonight.

All my worries hosed away,

Left hand ruined everyday.

Ol’ Miss rebel,

Hottie Tottie,

This is my Ode,

To Squatty Potty