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Center for Understanding Nature

Dear Dragons family and friends,

The group is currently enjoying a 6-day stay at the Centro de Entendimiento con la Naturaleza (or CEN, Center of Understanding Nature), a nature preserve and ecological restoration center located deep in the Matagalpa cloud forest. Yesterday afternoon the students met with CEN founder Alan Bolt, a quantum physicist and conservationist who who been working to restore the forest and water systems in the region.  Alan spoke to the group about climate change, the impact of consumerism on the planet, and the importance of protecting Nicaragua’s rainforests.  The group will spend the next several days exploring nearby waterfalls, learning about biodiversity and land use in the region, and supporting with ongoing permaculture and conservation projects.

Here’s a photo from the group’s hike yesterday afternoon to enjoy a waterfall!  The group will be mostly out of touch until next Saturday, when they return to the city of Matagalpa for Spanish classes, homestays, and collaboration with local cooperatives and social movements.