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Rice paddy terraces

Catching up with Photos

Hello China Semester Families & Friends – This fall, people in China have experienced a tightening of control over the internet and it’s been difficult for the group to get online and access our Yak Board. We’re trying to get more student posts up soon…in the meantime, the instructors have shared a large batch of photos from the group’s recent adventures. Enjoy! – Dragons Administration

In their current location (Kunming, Yunnan) the group went to a local elementary school to talk about Halloween, organize games and activities and celebrate with children there…

Students on their first day in Kunming, arriving at the Dragons Program House:

Before arriving in Kunming, the group spent time exploring the city of Chengdu. This photo is of the group hosting a guest speaker in Chengdu learning about food history and food culture in the city…and sampling some local flavors:

The group atop a mountain they climbed near Langmusi, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery near the border of Sichuan and Gansu provinces:

Students together, and with home-stay family members during their home-stay with nomadic Tibetan families near Xiahe, Gansu Province:

Eating noodles in the historic city of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province: