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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons



Balamchur is a once in a life time experience,

Balamchur is a little village in Nepal,

Balamchur is waking up at 5am to howling dogs and crowing roosters,

Balamchur is the smell of fresh and warm buffalo poo,

Balamchur is the smell of week old sweat on your clothes,

Balamchur is being laughed at by the locals when trying to speak Nepali,

Balamchur is 9 hours of bumpy dirt roads from Kathmandu,

Balamchur is also waking up to the most beautiful view I have ever seen,

Balamchur is like having a second family, a second home,

Balamchur is playing ridiculous football everyday at 5pm in a forest against the young locals of surrounding villages,

Balamchur is seeing the fearless players jump after the ball down a steep and dangerous slope,

Balamchur is the intriguing smell of blooming chestnut trees,

Balamchur is watching a goat being decapitated as sacrifice,

Balamchur is helping my family cut grass for the buffalo,

Balamchur is dancing at night to Nepali music with my bahini and her friend Sabina,

Balamchur is having huge and scary spiders watching you while pooping in the “squatypoty”,

Balamchur is being called ridiculous names like  “Tilbahadur” or “Tilke” instead of my real Nepali name “Tilac”,

Balamchur is killing endless waves of mosquitoes at night that slipped through my net,

Balamchur is eating Kilos of Dal Bhat everyday (Dal Bhat power -> 24hrs)

Balamchur is now just a memory,

Balamchur is now a part of me.