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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

A Familiar Feeling

As soon as I picked it up, a certain feeling instantly filled my body. I looked to my right and saw my brother Siddhartha grinning at me as a predator stares down his prey. I looked down at the Xbox controller in my hand and was ready to finally use the “useless,” as my parents would call it, skill that I’ve spent hours and hours refining. As the players ran onto the field and the game of FIFA played out, each goal scored was followed by an eruption of laughter and excitement (or anger depending on who scored).

I’m sure my parents are reading this and thinking, “I can’t believe we sent him eight thousand miles across the world to play FIFA,” but the real meaning of this experience lies within something I care a lot about. As I became much more interested in soccer, the one aspect about it that I love the most is that it is truly a language of its own. Regardless of your ethnicity, language, or anything like that, the game of soccer has a special way of breaking down barriers and connecting people from all over the entire world. Playing against my home-stay brother was so much different than any video game experience I’ve ever had. The true beauty of it lies in the fact that sports and competition have a way of connecting people that is unmatched.