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Some Details on the Beijing Arrival and Lonely Planets

Hello China Semester students—can you believe that you will be in Beijing in less than a week?

First: A big thank you to all those who have posted introductions. For those who have not yet posted, please do so within the next few days! (:

Second: We received a question from a student on whether or not to bring a Lonely Planet Guide Book. As instructors will be carrying a digital copy of the Lonely Planet, there is no need for you to bring a physical copy (it is heavy and takes up a lot of space). If you have a digital copy, then of course feel free to upload it to an e-reader.

And now for your Beijing arrival:

Eight of you will be flying together from Los Angeles, while three of you will be meeting us in Beijing (Ron, Theodore and Samantha). Joe, Shuier and Gong will be meeting you all in the arrival hall (wearing Dragons shirts) after you pass through customs and immigration. You will all be funneled to the same place for customs and arrival, which is where we will meet you. We ask that everyone on the Los Angeles flight deplane as a group and pass through customs together to simplify the arrival process. If you need to contact us at the airport, you can call Shuier at 18187011789. Again, please let us know if you have any questions!

Looking forward to our meeting!

Shuier, Gong, Joe