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Pre-Course Assignment: Find your Name for your specific assisgnment!

Salama e!

In just a few days, you will arrive in Madagascar and begin to experience the country and its incredible culture(s) and people(s) in a way that only first hand experience can make real. Madagascar is an incredible place both in its sheer vastness as well as in its peculiarities and differences between regions and people. Madagascar is made up of 22 regions with 18 different ethnicities. Each of these ethnicities is marked by unique cultural and linguistic differences that combine to make ‘the island nation’ even more unique and compelling.

Your task is to do a little research into a particular place in a region and the ethnicities of Madagascar. Please come to Madagascar prepared to give at least a few minutes of information on your particular town/ village /region. This should include some of their traditions, geographic location, ethnic groups, music, food, lifestyle, some of expressions in the language, and history or anything related that is worth sharing. You can draw, or come up with bullet points or activities like songs or poems or even game about the place you present. Your presentation style is the best!

This activity will help you a lot in identifying places we will go during our Semester program. And whenever there is a question, we know who to turn to among the group.

Below is your individual place of focus:

1- Antananarivo: Avery
2- Ampefy: Sam
3- Antsirabe: Nathalie
4- Ranomafana: Adam
5- Isalo: Artemis
6- Morondava: Ben
7- Ambatomanga: Lisa
8- Ambanja: Jennifer
9- Mahajanga: Lara
10- Antaninkarany (may be hard to find! It is 12 km south of Ambanja): Kyle
11- Sava Region: Abigail
12- Diana Region: Grace

Thank you for choosing Madagascar and see you this coming Sunday!