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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Our first trek!

Buenas Dias from La Paz!
We just got back from the most beautiful four day trek in La Cordela Real! We decided to stay an extra day in la Paz before our trek due to a minor salmonella outbreak within our group. We spent the day in a clinic to get antibiotics and miraculously recovered as we drove from the city into the wild. We hiked to our base camp in a sudden blizzard along with a train of mules carrying our tents, food, and other necessities. We camped at the base of glistening glacier mountains at 14500ft covered in grazing llamas, alpacas, and wild horses. The beauty was unreal—I don’t even think national geographic could’ve captured what we witnessed. Each day we went on an insane hike following Eduardo, who is quite possibly the funniest and most knowledgeable guide in Bolivia. We trusted him with our lives as we summited glacier peaks and climbed up rocky cliffs. We even jumped into a glacier lake despite absolute freezing temperatures and then scrambled up a snowy hill. Purified by the wilderness with sore muscles and tired minds, we spent the last night recharging for our coming homestay in Tikipaya. We are going to spend ten days there with our own homestay families taking Spanish classes and beginning our independent study projects, immersing ourselves in their unique culture. Here are some pictures from the trek!
Con amor,
Los dragones 🙂