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Hi All, I’m the last minute addition to this trip! I’m from Princeton, NJ, and recently graduated from high school. I’m doing a gap semester before starting at The University of Utah this January. My interests lie in science and chemistry, but would like to try a variety of courses in college before deciding on my major.

I love golfing, skiing, theater, and comedy. I love hanging out with my family and watching movies. I’ve studied Spanish in the past, but it’s been a while so hopefully this trip will help me brush up my skills. Although I’ve travelled a lot in the past, I’ve never stayed with a host family so that will be a new experience for me.

The Kixajo video was fun and happy. It seemed very wholesome compared to the normal rap videos I’ve seen- lots of kids, smiles, nature. It brought a very positive vibe to the music. At first it was disconcerting that I couldn’t understand the language in the video, but I realized it didn’t matter. The message still came across as being carefree, loving those around you, and enjoying life. At least that’s how I felt.

I’m excited to meet you all today and start our adventure. See you in Miami!