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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.


Hey Guys!


My name’s Ari and I am from the city of Boston. I just graduated from Boston Latin School and plan on going to the University of Rochester about a year from now. I am really excited to go on this trip and think it should be a fantastic experience.


To briefly introduce myself I really enjoy playing sports – both for school and with my friends. I have a very wide range of music I listen to, from rap to ending with folk. I have a younger brother who is going to be a junior, and a cat named poppy. The blonde girl in the picture I added from left to right is me, my cousin who I am very close with, my brother and mom. I decided to take this trip because I felt it would be fun, and valuable opportunity to grow, and also, I really didn’t feel like going to college just yet. I might spend the second half of the year living with another cousin of mine in Australia. I was born there and my dad’s side of the family lives there.


For my ISP i’m considering looking into medicine. I find eastern healing methods fascinating.

See you soon!