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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.


Hey everyone!

My name’s Bella and I live in Sacramento, California.  I graduated from Mira Loma High School and am taking a gap year before heading off to college.  (Still working on exactly where, but I plan to major in environmental sciences.)  At school, I was a part of both our recycling club and national art honors society, which I feel represents my interests pretty well.  The majority of this past summer I spent working in the kitchen and office of a music camp that I attended as a camper for many years and always loved.

For my ISP, I am interested in learning some sort of craft or maybe even cooking – a skill I can take back home with me!  I’m also really excited to learn the language and get to know more about the different ecosystems we will be visiting.  I can’t wait to meet everyone and get started on this next adventure!

See you guys soon,



The first picture is of me and my two best friends on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco (two short hours away by bus!) and the second features my favorite sweet boy Blazey.