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Hello! My name is Ron Miasnik, and I’m from Mountain View, California (though my family is originally Israeli). I’m taking a gap year before starting school at Princeton University.

I just got back from a three-month trek around the world with my family, and now I’m more pumped than ever to embark on this adventure. I’ve never been to China before and speak zero Mandarin, so I’m ready to try to take it all in. After the Dragons program, I’ll be backpacking around Asia, interning in Hong Kong, and then spending a few months in Israel.

I love traveling, the outdoors (backpacking, mountain biking, scuba diving, you name it), political discussions, business/entrepreneurship, traditional Jewish foods, reading anything and everything, playing soccer, and packing last minute. I also watch Netflix and listen to podcasts religiously, both of which I’ll miss dearly while in China.

My flights are slightly different because I’m staying in Asia after the program, so I’ll be meeting up with you guys in Beijing.

Can’t wait to meet everyone and have an incredible three months!!!