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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Fleece + Money Questions


First question: Should we bring a real fleece? They take up so much space that I wanted to make sure we really need it (if I have a set of long underwear and a flannel shirt packed already), and how cold the climate will really get.

Answer: We do recommend bringing a lightweight fleece mostly for travel days (airplanes and airports can be really cold!) and your time in Flores. It is unlikely the weather would ever dip below the 60s (except an exceptionally chilly morning in Flores), so you’ll know best if a flannel and long-sleeve is sufficient for your personal warmth level. It will be rare for it to get cold, but if it does, you’ll be appreciative of the layer.  

Second question: How much cash should we bring with us initially? We’ve seen a few different suggestions from dragons and weren’t sure which to follow. And if we will have access to an ATM soon after we arrive, does that change how much we should bring initially?

Answer: You will have access to an ATM upon arrival at the airport. ATMs are generally the best way to access Indonesian Rupiahs as changing US dollars can be a hassle. It is good to have some US cash on-hand as more of an emergency fund (in case no ATM access), but that amount should be less than $100.

In addition to any USD intended for personal use, all students will need $200 USD (or the equivalent amount in Indonesian currency) to cover their visa extension fee. This money will be collected by instructors during the first days of the program and can be given to instructors in US cash brought from home, or in the Indonesian equivalent withdrawn from an ATM in Indonesia. 

Thank you!

– Emily (and my mom Anne)