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Rice paddy terraces

A tidbit about myself…

Hi!  I’m Laureen Akram from Los Angeles, CA and I’m taking a gap year before heading to the University of Chicago. I spent the summer in Paris visiting my family and later as a counselor and dance teacher at a summer camp in Ojai, CA. After Dragons I’ll be heading to Park City, UT to be a ski instructor.

I’m a huge foodie, if anyone gets to LA early enough I’ll show you where to get creme brûlée’d doughnuts and handmade gelato on a stick – no, it’s not just a glorified popsicle. I can usually be found on my trusty green beach chair with a book or a journal and I’m always up for a political discussion or to marvel at how tiny we are in this great big universe. Aside from dancing and skiing, I enjoy kayaking, hiking to breathtaking viewpoints, and pineapple on pizza.

I took Chinese in high school but the practice didn’t quite make perfect…. at all. I’m really excited to laugh with all of you for the next few months!

See you soon,