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Rice paddy terraces

A day of first times

At 5:45am this morning, the group got up and started a day full of first times.

On the way to Beijing West Train Station where we would take the high speed train from Beijing to Xi’an, we found out that it will be Tessa’s first train ride ever! When the train slowly pulled away from the platform, Tessa and the rest of the group fell asleep immediately and missed the majority of the sceneries along the journey.

At 13:35pm, we arrived at the ancient city of Xi’an in Shaanxi province where the whole afternoon was planned by the students. Everyone agreed that biking on top of the ancient city wall is the best way to spend the rest of our afternoon, hence quite a few of us had our first tandem bike riding experience, including me. Some of us are apparently naturals when it comes to tandem bike riding, Laureen is certainly one of them.

After a sweaty workout, we headed over to the famous Muslim quarter in the city for dinner where most of us had the most famous local dish ‘羊肉泡馍’ (nan bread in lamb broth) for the first time. Now full and exhuasted, we are all in bed.

What a day! Tomorrow is another packed day planned by students. More adventures are on the way. Stay tuned.