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Rice paddy terraces


Hey everyone!  It’s been so fun reading about everyone else, I thought maybe I’d post an intro of my own (and if you hadn’t noticed, I’m definitely not leaving it to the last minute at all!).

My name is Julia Gabriele, and I’m born and raised in the tiny mountain town of Morrison, Colorado. I grew up hiking around the unnamed state parks and rural trails of the Rocky Mountains, and now enjoy backpacking, skiing (both alpine and AT), rafting, and, more recently, rock climbing all around Colorado. Next fall, I’m headed to a different mountain range – the Olympic Mountains – where I’ll attend the University of Puget Sound.

In my free time, I also enjoy playing music, hanging out at Bluegrass festivals, swinging on my hammock, and making really bad puns. I am also an avid Mocker, and plan to eventually attend law school.

I took Chinese all four years in high school, and did decently, so here’s hoping at least a little of that actually holds up in the real world. I’m really looking forward to developing my language skills over the next three months.

I can’t wait to see you all soon!