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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.


hi everyone! my name is nora hyman and i am from cleveland, ohio (yes, i am slightly obsessed with lebron james!). i can’t say that i have extensively studied eastern religion or that i am an extremely experienced trekker but i can say that i know what it takes to be a good traveller: patience, a willingness to try new things and an attitude of resilience, among other qualities. what drew me to this program was the fact that i knew i would be pushed out of my comfort zone. furthermore, i’m extremely interested in environmental science and climate change, specifically, and would like to further my understanding of the himalayas/nepal in this context.

a little bit about me: i just graduated high school (all girls school) and spent the past few years of my life with my face in a textbook which fostered within me a distaste for the education system. i started to recognize its flaws and how it forced me to value my final grade rather than what knowledge i had acquired. I’m taking a gap year to allow myself the opportunity to become an engaged student again, with the world as my classroom. i like theater, history, and especially environmental science (as i mentioned before). i’m currently a barista in chicago and intend to spend my time after nepal in an internship program in san francisco. who knows what comes after that!

i really can’t wait to meet everyone. I’m counting down the days until our journey starts! see you soon,